Invotel SX4400EZ

Manufacturer: Invotel
Model: SX4400EZ
Connection Type: 3.5mm jack and RCA plug
Technicial Needed: No
Extra Part Needed: No

Connectivity Instructions

One line Music-On-Hold adapter
Provides both a 3.5mm and an RCA input jack
Four line Professional Music-On-Hold adapter
Provides Music-On-Hold function on all the telephones and extensions up to 4 lines and up to 48 telephones.

Activates using the telephone's HOLD button or Flash button.

Supports via the HOLD button most corded models such as:
AT&T:843,853,854, 874, 953, 944,952,954,955,957,964,974,FT483
Brother Quatro: 412
GE: 2-9450-b to -F, 2-9451A, 2-9460GE2
IBM: 412, 412CID, 4900
Radio Shack: 411,412,612
Sony: IT-M804
Southwestern Bell: FT383, FT412, FT483, FT484
TT Systems: 4012, 412, 412CID, 4900, 4300, 5100, 5200, 5300, 7993
Panasonic KXTS27W, KXTCS14W
Phonemate PMG-4600, PMG-2400 Vtech:4line4121 plus most other 2 line or 3 line telephones

Supports via HOLD button or FLASH button any cordless class telephone such as:
ATT 962, 972
Panasonic KX-TG4000B, KX-TG2000B, KX-TS400, KX-TS401, VA-614

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